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Extra Extra, Read All About ItEffective January 15, 2011, this URL, blog.timtyson.us, will redirect you to my new blog address—simply: timtyson.us.

I’ve had a surge in readers here at this address in recent weeks because of my joining Facebook and reconnecting with long time friends and colleagues. So, if you just recently discovered my blog, and bookmarked it or subscribed to the RSS feed, you will probably want to update those. This blog is no longer being kept current.

The new address is already up and running.  So, you can scurry on over to see recently published content you may have missed.

Long Story

For those that may not know, for about a year, I’ve been running two identical blogs, well the content was identical. The way the blogs looked and were being published was significantly different. One used MovableType. The other used WordPress. I was experimenting to see what I thought of WordPress 3.x. I like it!  I really like it!

So now, the MovableType blog, which was located at timtyson.us/weblog is going away all together. The experimental blog, which is this blog you’re reading now, has been moved to the new location: just simply timtyson.us.

A lot of work has been going on in the background to make the transition. A lot of work still will continue to go on to complete the transition. Hopefully this work will all be completely invisible to you, the readers.

I rarely do a complete overhaul like this because it runs the risk of crashing everything, which is why I ran this duplicate experimental blog—just in case it all went to hell. Well, it didn’t! But changing the URL will temporarily negatively impact my Google SEO. :(  I get a huge number of hits from Google searches!

Action Required

Change your bookmarks and/or your RSS feeds as needed to the new site, timtyson.us, and happy reading!

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