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Just in Time for Santa

Elisson was right.  I knew he was.  But I knew tackling it would be a whole lot of work.  Brain work.  Doing geeky things I really don’t know much about.

But I did it!

A complete overhaul of the WordPress version of my blog.

  • Fixed:  Elisson said white text on a black background looked sexy but was just too hard for tired eyes to read.  I totally agreed.
  • Fixed:  Intermittent odd behaviors when loading single blog posts.
  • Enhanced:  I get a fairly interesting collection of hits from around the world.  The Google Translate feature has been extended.
  • New:  Fresh, lighter theme
  • New:  An image “slider” on the Home page that features clickable images that take you to picture-laden posts about my journeys.
  • New:  The Home page shows you a nice overview of the whole site with Featured posts, Travel-related posts, Most Popular posts, and more.
  • New:  Archived files are available in a much easier to find (under the Filed tab) and navigate.  In fact, site navigation is generally simplified.
  • New:  The Blog tab now only presents a short teaser from each post—just enough to see if you want to click on “Read more  ››” to see the entire post.
  • New:  Google’s new font technology is incorporated in the banner title.  The font will change from time to time.
  • New:  My Facebook status will now appear “live” on my blog.

Other new features are in the works.

Many quirks still are being corrected.  For example:  my previous theme has a main body area that was a good bit wider.  Now, many of the pictures need to be resized.  What a pain!  I’ve toyed with the idea of tweaking the css files to widen the body and shorten the sidebar in the individual posts, but I’ve decided not to do that.  I like the white space in the current layout.  Clean.  Open.  Not visually distracting.

The Google Translation code looks horrid.  I’ve got that one on the list.

If you find any other weirdness, aside from what I write about, let me know so I can fix it!

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